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- All lenses used on the cameras installed in Cinemarine's underwater housings are fitted with correction ports. Also, each lens has its own correction system giving an underwater image without distortion or chromatic aberrations and the zoom lenses fitted with correctors remain adjusted throughout their focal length guaranteeing perfect focus.
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The underwater correction port is included in the rental price of each lens.

It was the optical engineer Ivanoff who in the 1930s was the first to take an interest in the question of optical correction for underwater photography. He noted, that an underwater image produced with an underwater housing fitted with a flat port was enlarged by 1/33 with a barrel-shaped distortion inversely proportional to the focal length.

This was a direct result of the application of the famous Descartes law governing the refraction of light rays and resulted in significant degradation in image quality, particularly when wide-angle lenses were used.

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